To us, R&D truly stands for research, design and then develop.
Design is our key to success.

What is our focus?

We, at DesignFirst OU, are one of the few who strive to do design right. Because we believe in sustainable business and robust solutions.

How we achieve our goals?

What we offer is a thought-through process from idea to solution, to market.

From where we draw our confidence?

As a team our expertise spans over vast range of different technologies and market sectors. From metering, industrial and medical to specific-purpose products.

Where is DesignFirst headed?

Now we are taking the next step and working on the desing of our first own product. And of course, doing so by making design the main part of our R&D process.

This brief introduction will be our internet presence for the moment, but await more information soon. We have more than one upcoming announcements. Exciting times!

From the team :-)


Lazar Kanelov, Aerospace Engineer

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Ivan Petrov, Engineer in Automation

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Dimi, R&D Engineer

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Kalin Radulov, Business Consultant

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